Grease Eliminator (7 Tablets)

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  • Grease, Fats, Oil, Grime, and Sludge
    (Also known as FOG)

  • Stinky Odor-causing Bacteria

  • Organic Waste & Foul Suspended Solids

  • Drain Flies
    (Also known as "Moth Flies")

The most effective Eco-Friendly Trap Treatment tablets for sale. Kills odor and bad bacteria at a molecular level! Lasts up to 20% longer than other products. Made in FDA-regulated and NSF-certified facilities.

100% Organic
Paraben Free
Prevents Uric Acid, Calcium & Protein Deposits.


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Corrosion-free Eco Cleaner for Septic & Grease Trap Treatment. Unleash Eco Safeway’s powerful, non-toxic, and biodegradable Grease Eating tablets to quickly kill foul odors and bacteria at a molecular level, while keeping your hands safe! Conquer your toughest degreasing tasks with this non-hazardous, reliable, and eco-friendly cleaning product. Made in the USA and designed to be easy to use and equipment safe.

Color & Description

These multifunctional circular tablets come in a tan/off white color. Packed with odor-killing non-pathogenic bacteria (good bacteria) and engineered to oxygenate wastewater, and eliminate nasty, smelly odors caused by bad bacteria, as well as break down grease, grime, and organic hydrocarbons.

How does good bacteria eliminate grease?

Short Answer: Good bacteria breaks down the grease into carbon dioxide and water, which is safer for the environment. This process is known as bioremediation.

Detailed Answer: When the grease/waste materials are very complex, Bacteria produce enzymes to break it down into simple compounds, that are digestible for the bacteria. The good bacteria fight the bad, breaking it down into carbon dioxide and water. Enzymes alone will not get the job done. Enzymes aren't capable of consuming waste materials. Rather, all they can do is simplify them. Good bacteria are still needed to consume waste material in order to complete the process of bioremediation.


Kitchen Sink: Simply crush 1 tablet and wash down the kitchen sink drain.

Septic Tanks: Easiest way is to place the tablet into the toilet bowl and flush. Repeat this every month.
Second option is to place the tablets into the basin or tank. Apply every month or as many as you need (the number of tablets needed may vary due to tank size, flow rates, and temperatures).

Grease Trap: Place tablet into the trap after a quick clean. Apply every month or as many as you need to achieve desired results.

Common Uses and Applications
  • Kitchen Sinks
  • Pool Drain Lines
  • Septic Tank
  • All Grease Traps
  • Condensate Drain Pan
  • All Drains and Gutters
  • Portable Toilets
  • Car Wash Systems
  • Sewer Lines

Commonly used at:

  • Homes
  • Farms
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Mobile Homes & RV's
  • Pastry Stores
  • Butcher Shops
  • Coffee Shops
  • Municipal & Industrial Wastewater Environments
  • Large Facilities
  • Ponds, Lakes, & Lagoons

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How to store degreaser tablets

Store in cool dry place. Avoid storing above 110°F. Avoid tablets from freezing. Keep closed when not in use.

Saftey Info


KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS. Avoid ingesting. Do not allow contact with food. Avoid contact with mouth, skin, and eyes. In case of accidental contact, rinse eyes with large amounts of water and seek medical attention. If swallowed, drink ample water and seek medical advice. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Optional safety glasses, gloves, and mask may be advised. If you have any other questions, contact us.